WH Café

Breakfast - lunch - baking - coffee - drink


På AFTERWORK serveres lett tapas, sushi, rekesmørbrød, salater, varm sandwich, kaffe kaker og kalde drikker.

Vi har alle rettigheter.

Menu and prices

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Opening hours

ALL RIGHTS We have a license to serve alcohol and are open for dining in our beautiful garden Monday-Saturday. Welcome to us.

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When ordering catering we want this at least one day in advance. 

Frokost hentes i caféen mellom 07-10 i ukedagene og i helger mellom 08-11.


E - eggs
M – cows milk
N - nuts
L – Lupin

SK - shellfish
SE – Celery
SEN - mustard
SES - sesame seeds

SS - Sulfur dioxide and sulfites
L – Lupin
B - Molluscs
F – Fish

P – Peanuts
S – Soya
N - Nuts

G1 – rye
G2 - Barley
G3 - Oat
G4 - Wheat