WH Café

Breakfast - lunch - baking - coffee - drink

Opening hours

Breakfast is available in the cafe between 07-10 on weekdays and on weekends between 08-11.

Due to covid-19 there is no breakfast buffet, but baguettes, coffee, juice and yogurt for breakfast.

Contact WH Cafe

When ordering catering we want this at least one day in advance. 

Menu and prices

wh cafe meny
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E - eggs
M – cows milk
N - nuts
L – Lupin

SK - shellfish
SE – Celery
SEN - mustard
SES - sesame seeds

SS - Sulfur dioxide and sulfites
L – Lupin
B - Molluscs
F – Fish

P – Peanuts
S – Soya
N - Nuts

G1 – rye
G2 - Barley
G3 - Oat
G4 - Wheat