Bubbles and cake bonanza

Ladies' evening at Wilhelmsen House

At Wilhelmsen House you can order bubbles & cake bonanza

Bring your friends and enjoy yourself with delicious bubbles, and a whole cake plate with a selection of delicious cakes made by our own pastry chef.

Do you want to make it a whole weekend with friends?

We can recommend booking one of our lovely homey rooms, where you will get up for ready breakfast with a delicious breakfast buffet and coffee. After breakfast you can go shopping either at Farmandstredet with its 88 shops and 11 eateries or stroll in Tønsberg's cozy shopping streets.

Back at the apartment hotel, you can refresh your hair at the house's hair salon , House of Hair, and or get gorgeous nails and lashes at Elisabeth Vik's.

The Saturday evening ends with wonderful bubbles & cake bonanza with us! And when you think it's time to go to bed, you can just stroll up to your room and not have to think about the bus or taxi.

What does the package contain?

The package contains a bottle of bubbles and a cake plate with delicious cakes such as snickers cake, success tart and oreo cake from our own pastry chef Aleksander Boutenko.

The offer is valid during the café's opening hours (08-16 Monday to Saturday, 08-14 Sunday) or as a guest. Enter your booking or room number to have bubbles and cakes placed in your room so you can enjoy this outside the cafe's opening hours.

Questions? Contact WH Café

Price: 595,-