Meeting room – Café – Training room – Washroom – Parking

Meeting room up to 8

We have a meeting room at WH up to 8 persons.  
Here you can have food, drink, baked goods and coffee served during the meeting.

Lobby up to 35

If you need more space, you can rent our lobby in the evening from 16 – 23 for private events.

If you are going to have events such as conferences, seminars, jubilee, confirmation, Christmas parties or other, talk to us and we will adapt the room to your wishes.

There is room for up to 35 people here. We set the table and arrange delicious food and drink. You also have access to a screen if you want to show presentations or films.

Should you also need rooms for the participants or hired speakers etc. then we have different rooms you can book.

Food service

Food and service beyond coffee and WH's own selection in the café can be ordered by Redningen på Vallø a few days in advance.

Redningen has everything from traditional catering and cold tables to finger food such as canapés and tempting cakes.

WH Café

A rich selection of food and drinks with pastries, light tapas, sushi, prawn sandwiches, salads, hot sandwiches, coffee cakes and cold drinks.

Gym room

We have a fitness room available for our guests.
Opening hours here are 06-23. The training room is located by the lift on the first floor.

Laundry room

A well equipped laundry room is available for all the guests.

Guests have free access to the laundry room in the basement where there are two washing machines, a dryer and an ironing station for free.

Remember to bring your own washing powder!


Aimo Park has taken over the car park at Wilhelmsen House as of 28 November 2023.

Access - Entrance at the back of WH
If you come from the center and drive Halfdan Wilhelmsens allé (the main road), you pass WH on the left and take the first left into Thurmanns gate. Then take the first left onto Skiringalgaten. Take other detours to the left, and into the back of Wilhelmsen House.

All questions about parking on the grounds outside the hotel must be directed to Aimo Park.

Health and well being

On the lower floor of Wilhemsen House, several actors within health and well-being are involved.

Here you will find, among other things, a hairdressing salon and nail and eyelash design.

Experience the city

Tønsberg, Norway's oldest city, is the natural hub of Vestfold and can offer many wonderful experiences. A modern city center with a wide range of shops and restaurants, a great square, one of Norway's finest libraries, many parks and hidden historical gems scattered throughout the city.

Other facilities

WH Café


Foccacia med serranoskinke, rekesmørbrød, kyllingwraps, vegetarwraps og Couscous salat.