Wilhelmsen House Apartments AS (WH)


The number of rooms/apartments provided by Wilhelmsen House Apartments (WH) will be described on the confirmation of order.

WH does its best to meet special requests, but cannot guarantee this.

Residents must be over the age of 18.

Your room/apartment is located at Wilhelmsen House, Halfdan Wilhelmsens allé 22, 3116 Tønsberg.

Submission of this Agreement will be considered as handover of the service.

The agreed dates and rates on your confirmation are binding on both parties.

The total amount for the period of use shall be paid in advance by visa card/credit card or by 3rd party suppliers.

In case of long-term rental (+30 days); monthly payment will be arranged. Always in advance.

Invoice can be arranged for company customers. WH will do a credit check of the company.

WH has the right to adjust prices due to an increase in taxes or charges or other circumstances beyond WH’s control. Such price adjustments shall be notified to the customer and shall not enter into force until one month after the notification.


The accommodation can only be used for housing and can only be used by the customer. WH may refuse persons less than 18 years old from checking in.

Check-in can at the earliest take place at 3 pm on the agreed start date. Check-out must take place before 11 am. If the guest has failed to check out at 11 am, WH will charge the guest one extra day.

The accommodation and the common areas shall be treated with due care and maintained in a general good condition by the customer. The customer shall be familiar with the fire instructions found in the accommodation.

WH do not allow parties in the apartment and are allowed to remove guests that do not follow the instructions.

Pets are not allowed at WH.

WH reserves the right to refuse access or terminate the lease without reimbursement of the cost to any guest / resident who creates nuisance.

The customer shall notify WH immediately in the event of any damage discovered on the property. Call 971 35 000 or send an e-mail to

The customer shall provide WH with access for cleaning, and otherwise for all necessary maintenance.

WH offers free Wi-Fi to all guests. The service is delivered for free, so complains do not give right for compensation.

WH shall ensure cleaning of the accommodation every 5th calendar day. Monthly rental has cleaning every 7th calendar day. WH shall also ensure cleaning of the accommodation at check-out.

WH shall provide insurance for the accommodation. WH carries otherwise no liability for damages, costs or losses that may arise from burglary, fire, smoke, power outage, water damage or other reasons. The customer accepts that WH in such circumstances shall be indemnified.

For a cancellation to be valid it must be sent by e-mail to

Cancellation and change of stay 1-7 days

Cancellation of short time rental (1-7 days) must be cancelled 24 hours before arrival (at 3.p.m the day before arrival). Cancellation later than 24 hours before arrival will be charged in their entirely for up to 3 days from the day of cancellation.

No show will be charged 100%.


Cancellation and change of stay 7-90 days
Cancellation of 7-90 days of rental must be done 7 days before arrival. Any cancellation made later than 7 days before arrival will be charged up to 7 days from the day of cancellation.

In case of unannounced absence, the order will be charged for up to 7 days according to. agreed price for the entire stay.

Cancellation of stays over 90 days
Cancellation or change later than 14 days prior to arrival day will be charged in full with up to / maximum of 14 days from day of arrival.

In case of unannounced no-show, the order will be charged for up to 14 days according to. agreed price for the entire stay. Own terms for contract customers.

If the accommodation is not in accordance with the terms agreed, the customer shall notify WH within a reasonable time after the breach is discovered. Delayed notification of breach result in loss of any remedies for breach of agreement.

If the customer causes damage to the accommodation, WH will improve the relationship with the customer’s cost. All rooms / apartments are non-smoking, violations will be fined NOK 5,000.

If the customer does not comply with the customer’s obligations in this Agreement, WH can, five days after a written notice of breach, deactivate the customer’s access code and carry out a check-out of the customer.

Pets are not allowed in the apartments / rooms. Violation of this will result in extra charge for washing.

If any damages of the accommodation are caused by the customer, WH has the right to rectify the damage at the customer’s expense

If there is a material breach of the agreement, WH may terminate the agreement and carry out check-out with immediate effect. Default of payment and use of the accommodation in violation of the terms of the agreement is considered a material breach.

The customer agrees that WH gets a pledge in all assets that are left in the accommodation after check-out. If WH considers these assets to have limited economic value, WH may get rid of these possessions without further notice.

Complaints from customers or residents must be made in writing to WH as soon as possible and at the latest departure day.

The Norwegian Tenancy Act does not apply to this agreement, ref. the Norwegian Tenancy Act section 1-1 fourth paragraph.

The customer accepts that an eviction can be carried out according to the Norwegian Enforcement Act section 13‑2 third paragraph litra a.

The customer accepts that an eviction can be carried out in accordance with the Norwegian Enforcement Act section 13-2 third paragraph litra b.

Since delivery is deemed to take place when submitting a final order and submission of the Agreement, the rules regarding the right to cancellation in the Norwegian Consumer Law section 41 shall not apply to this agreement.

As the Norwegian Cancellation Act section 22 litra m) is applicable, the rules on the right of withdrawal from the agreement do not apply to the agreement.

Sublease of the accommodation is not permitted.